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did someone slip rum in rachel’s juice bottle again?

I’m naturally shaky, Noah! And currently having a very serious reaction to your serenade!

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midstofthisnothing said: I FOUND YOU

Was I lost? Are you from New York? Does it need me already? 

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littlebabypuckinpajamas said: beauty queen of only three months she had some trouble with herself. he was always there to help her she was always rolling in her crib. i crawled for miles and miles and wound up at your nursery. i've had snack time with you so many times but some how i want mooooore. i don't mind spending every day, out in my diaper in the pouring rain. look for the baby with the broken toy. ask her if she wants to play with mine and she wiiiillll be loooooved. she wiiiillll be looooooooooved.

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#dc u cika i acan 't tod oi it 

McKinley High School turns into a crime scene when Rachel Berry, a student at the school, is found murdered on school grounds. Four students, who happened to be absent from class when Rachel was murdered, find themselves being accused of committing the crime. Was it Kurt? Her best friend, who thrived for the lime light just as much as she did, wanting to be superior to her once and for all? Santana, who constantly teased and nitpicked at Rachel? Blaine, Kurt’s boyfriend, just looking for a way to have Kurt to himself? Or Quinn, the girl’s biggest rival, who secretly found herself in love with Rachel. Five students. Four suspects. One murder.

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#well i think it's just about time for me to have a snack and go cry into my daddy's warm and loving arms #the world is evil and i don't belong here #i'm calling the c.i.a. to get a bodyguard and a team on this asap 
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#one time i hid two of these in my diaper for noah and i to finish later 

littlebabymercedesinpajamas-dea said: hey girl! you should ask your dads if we can sing together again soon no other babies know the songs that I like

I completely understand, Mercedes. We’re in a league of our diapered own!

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GTL, baby

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I’ve thought about it a great deal, and I’ve decided I won’t be killed.

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#as for you on the other hand.... #that remains to be seen 
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#where are you going sam and why are people asking me to commit a homicide 
How can IWhen you won’t take it from meYou can go your own way 
GLEE SONG SWAP - lrbcn asked for Go Your Own Way
How can I
When you won’t take it from me

You can go your own way

GLEE SONG SWAP - lrbcn asked for Go Your Own Way

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#noah's given me his world #if a world is a dirty diaper #that was gross #he just took it off and shook his fannie in my face #it was cute though so i poked it #if you ever try to tell me i should go my own way i'll run over you with my tricycle you peabrain